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For The Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, I’ve created premium, special discounted collections to give value and quality to the event participants. Please check them out — they’re the best value I have to offer!


Collections include products discounted from the normal gallery rate, and other values and incentives. Prices include tax and shipping. Use the PayPal buttons below to make your purchase and I'll send you an order form for your selections and place your print order on your behalf.

À la carte gallery shopping will be available at regular prices.

To view galleries please scroll down and click the button below - register your email in order to save your favorites. Be sure to save the email you receive after signing up, as it will contain a link back to your favorite photos.

Galleries and associated collections will be available through December 17, 2017.


You'll find the answers to frequently asked questions on my FAQ, here



Photo Collections

PPPIDC - collections

Chihuahua - $117


Labrador - $241


Mastiff - $371


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