Unleash the San Diego Pet Photography Adventure

Unforgettable Adventures in Art with Your Best Friend

Join the Award-Winning San Diego Pet Photographer on an epic adventure!

From splashing at the beach to trotting down sun-dappled trails, or striking a pose, our mobile studio is perfectly equipped for your furry friend’s next epic photo op. Together, we’ll create paw-prints in the sand, show-stopping statement pieces for your walls, and ensure a tail-wagging good time.

You  Love  Adore Cherish Your Pets

Cherish the day and your pet’s playful escapades! Don’t let another sunset slip by without capturing the goofy grins and loving gazes of your fur-babies, scale-kiddos, or feathered friends.

We’re about immortalizing the heart and soul of your animal family members. With a mix of passion, professional expertise, and a sprinkle of pet-whispering magic, we craft images of your pets that are as enduring as their loyalty.

With our keen eye for the spontaneous and a knack for nailing the perfect shot, trust us for these irreplaceable moments with your cherished companions.

Human family members are also welcome to jump in the frame! Whether it’s a romp in your pet’s favorite park or a cozy session in your living room,  with our mobile studio, we’re ready to make the magic happen.

Why wait? Book your pet photography session now and let’s start crafting those standout pieces that will turn heads and warm hearts with every glimpse.

Maria L. San Diego, CA

My Frenchie and I were lucky enough to have the Charmaine Gray Pet Photography experience. One of my best days of the year! Charmaine took time to research my chosen location as well as paying specific attention to the weather reports so we'd get the best shots ever! Once on site she was cool, laid back and easy to work with. My dog Walter took to Charmaine right away. The photo shoot was fun and I felt I had a great experience after. Once the prints came back (They were Beautiful), Charmaine took time with me during my order process to make sure I was getting ALL the prints I wanted. (So Many Choices!) I'd definitely be up for another Charmaine Gray Pet Photography experience! What activity to do with Walter next?​

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