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About Me


About Me:


I am based in San Diego, California. My area of expertise is pet photography. My primary emphasis is on-location pet portaits.  I am also the official photographer for all of Southern California's Dog Surfing Competitions including Imperial Beach Surf Dog, Helen Woodward Animal Center Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon and Huntington Beach Surf City Surf Dog.  Yes, dog surfing exists and it's adorable.


With my pet portraits, I leverage the natural beauty of our stunning landscapes as a backdrop for beautiful images that showcase your pet's personality.  Each image is thoughtfully and lovingly hand-edited and optimized to create treasured art pieces for your living space walls.


I have two dogs of my own, a German Shepherd and an Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie blend. 


My images have been recognized across various platforms (billboards,TV stations, social media, press releases, books.)

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About My Surf Dog Event Photos:



I have gotten to know many of you and your furbabies, and have a genuine interest in their well-being. I enjoy hearing about their antics, have concern when one isn't feeling well, and am proud of their successes. When I am out in the water shooting photos, or up until 2 a.m. editing, it is this love and excitement that drives me.  Your support, encouragement and business motivate me and is appreciated.


You probably have seen me at many dog events because I love dogs. I also partner with a variety of groups and organizations that I believe in and support. This is my passion. I grew up with pets and love all of them.  My affinity for animals started as a young girl when my mother, who is now passed away, would bring stray cats or dogs into our home and into our hearts. Our life was abundant with love for animals, and I know my mother would be proud of the passion I am pouring into my work.


I am offering unique, beautiful products and premium services that you won't find elsewhere. These creations and extra touches are to enhance your experience with me, and help you express and display the love and bond you share with your dog.

  • Custom collage designs, lovingly hand-crafted and personal, just for you
  • On-site mini sessions, with your surfur, family or friends
  • Personal proofing galleries on my website
  • More exciting products and services coming soon!


Quality and Effort


Each and every photo I capture goes through an end-to end, thoughtful, detailed process before it reaches you. Two of the biggest steps are:


Capture.  You may see me standing in the water for hours, up in the judges tower, standing on a bluff getting images from above, or laying on the sand to get to eye-level with your pup.


Editing.  While hand-editing each image, I start by ensuring or correcting general photography guidelines. Additionally with surfing photos, I draw attention to the main subject with tack sharp focus, vibrant colors, and by removing distracting elements (such as an arm, leg or flag) from the frame. Each image is hand-edited with love and immense care.


Please take a moment to check out my photos.  I hope these moments frozen in time bring a smile to your face, just as I felt sheer happiness the second the shutter was released. 


Thanks for stopping by.





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