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By clicking "I AGREE" and proceeding to the gallery, you agree you will not take a screenshot of any images on this site, or otherwise share or copy images. Permission to share or copy an image can only be obtained by purchasing the image. Failure to do so is a violation of copyright. The images on the website include a watermark and are of low resolution. Purchased photos will not include watermark and if selected, will be of high resolution. 


Note: The photos in the following gallery may contain nudity and viewer discretion is advised.



Why Do Photographers Charge for Images and Services? (we hear this question not infrequently)


In many cases, several dozen hours are spent traveling, shooting, editing, keywording and organizing photos. We hand select and optimize each image, and discard test shots made during setting adjustments, in order to deliver only the highest quality images. Expenses of doing photography include cameras, lenses, software, website costs, storage costs, insurance, remotes, batteries, cases, courses, computers, lighting, portfolio materials and other gear. Please understand that we would not expect or request free services from other businesses or individuals. Simply put, while we enjoy what we do, our time, services and products have value, and we operate under normal business practices.  Many of us must retain a day job in order to make a living, and work late into the night to process photos. For further reading on the subject, click here. Thank you for understanding and taking the time to read this.


Do you do private shoots?

Yes, send me a message!

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