About Charmaine Gray

Behind the Lens: A Story of Passion, Pets, and Photography

Charmaine and her dogs Sadie and Nolan

Photo Credit: Audrey Ricks

Charmaine and her dogs Cora (crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021) and Nolan

Charmaine Gray’s love for animals was kindled in a childhood surrounded by furry friends, thanks to her mother’s compassionate spirit for all creatures great and small. From kittens napping on her head to the loyal German Shepherds by her side, each pet left indelible pawprints on her heart. This deep-rooted love for animals, coupled with a growing fascination with photography, naturally paved her path from a passionate hobbyist to a professional photographer.


As the go-to photographer for Southern California dog surfing competitions, Charmaine’s lens captures the dynamic spirit of these events, drawing attention from major organizations and international audiences alike. Her portfolio is a testament to her skill and dedication.


At home, Charmaine shares a special bond with her two dogs: a loving and spirited Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix and a silly and beautiful German Shepherd mix. They are not just pets; they are her world. Each photography session is a new adventure for Charmaine, filled with joy and a deep connection with her clients and their beloved animals. She understands the profound love pet owners have for their furry companions and commits herself to immortalizing these special moments and unique personalities in stunning, heartfelt art.


Charmaine’s journey is also marked by notable accolades and community involvement. She’s an award-winning photographer recognized at the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair, where she has also been a speaker, sharing her insights and passion for photography.


Additionally, she’s a founding member and admin of one of San Diego’s premier photographic learning communities, Light Chasers, contributing to the vibrant local photography scene.


Her mother’s legacy, who passed away in 2013, lives on through Charmaine’s work, embodying the values and passions instilled from a young age. Committed to animal welfare, Charmaine extends her support to various non-profit and charitable organizations, donating her time and services.


When you embark on a photographic journey with Charmaine, you’re not just getting a photographer; you’re experiencing her love for all animals and her dedication to creating stunning imagery. The final pieces are not just photographs; they are works of art from the heart, capturing the essence of the bond you share with your pets.

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