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Embark on a photo adventure for $199, which unlocks the door to our world of fine art collections starting at $795 and à la carte treasures from $335. This golden ticket includes a pre-session strategy chat, a one-hour photo escapade, a cinematic slideshow reveal, and the grand arrival of your fine art pieces. Dive into our art collections for exclusive picks, or chart your own course with à la carte options. Your investment? As boundless as your love for your pet!

No worries at all! We’re seasoned pros at working with pups of all energy levels. It’s common for pet parents to wonder about this, but rest assured, we always get those perfect shots. During the session, we mix patience with some clever photography tricks, and we’re always ready to take a break for a sniff or rest whenever needed. This keeps things fun and stress-free for your furry friend. Plus, with a little post-processing magic, every image turns out beautifully, capturing the essence of your pet’s playful spirit. So, even if your pup is more ‘zoomies’ than ‘zen’, we’ve got it covered!

The big reveal of your photo slideshow is set for about 3 weeks post-session. Once you’ve selected your favorites and placed your order, expect a 3-4 week journey to art creation and delivery. In total, your pet’s artistic masterpieces will typically arrive at your doorstep, ready to awe and inspire, within 8-12 weeks from the day of your session.

We’ve joined forces with top-notch print labs to ensure our fine art products are nothing short of museum-quality treasures. Each medium is chosen to make your pet’s story last a lifetime.


Canvas: Step into tradition with our gallery-quality canvas, wrapped around an artist’s frame, ready to bring timeless charm to your walls.


Metal Wall Art: Our star showstopper! Our metal wall art, where colors dance vibrantly on aluminum sheets, creating a mesmerizing luminescence. It’s modern, impactful, and simply breathtaking.


Gallery Thin Wraps: Choose from Lustre, Metallic, or Fine Art Canvas paper, elegantly wrapped on Gatorboard. These pieces float off the wall, creating an eye-catching display of your pet’s finest moments.


Classic Paper Prints: For the purists, we offer classic paper prints  in gifting size too, in various finishes to suit your style.


And for those special requests? We’re all ears for custom orders!

Photography with us is more than a momentary expense; it’s an investment in memories that will grace your family for generations. At Charmaine Gray Photography, we recognize that every photographer brings something different to the table, but we’re confident that our art will hold a special place in your heart. As a dedicated LLC, our commitment is to craft an experience that’s as premium as it is personal. We may not follow the path of price matching, but our pricing is thoughtfully set to reflect the lasting value and artistry we pour into every piece. It’s more than just photography; it’s creating a legacy, a cherished chapter in your family’s story.

You bet! When you embark on a $795 adventure in our physical art world, we also send you on a digital journey with those same images, in the size you’ve chosen. It’s like getting a delightful bonus with your art investment! And for those who want the whole shebang, all the images from your session can be yours for $3395. This treasure trove includes high-resolution digital images of everything we unveil at your purchase appointment, perfect for prints up to 8×12. It’s our way of ensuring you have all your favorite moments, both in hand and on screen!

Oh, we do love a good deal! At your reveal and purchase appointment, we’ll guide you through our art collections, which come with some exclusive pricing perks and delightful bonuses.

Mackenzie F San Diego, CA

The time we spent with Charmaine for our dog's professional photo shoot was so fun. She made it an experience and was so kind to both us and our dog. Not to mention, the product was top notch. We absolutely love our pictures.

Maria N El Cajon, CA

I highly recommend Charmaine Gray to capture your great moments. We received great photos on multiple events. Charmaine knows what makes a great picture. You will definitely be happy with her photos. When you meet Charmaine you will see her dedication and love for photography. If you are looking for great photos with your pets, she would be the top pick. She has done such a great job, we have many great photos of our dog Thanks to Charmaine.

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