Personalized Photo Workshops

Fast-Track Your Photography Skills in Landscape or Pet Photography with One-on-One Expert Guidance

Got a new camera or an old favorite you’re eager to master? Ditch the books and dive into hands-on learning! With our personalized workshop, you’ll explore the ins and outs of your camera in the field, guided by an instructor who’s passionate about photography and teaching. Perfect for beginners, this workshop is your gateway to mastering camera controls and grasping the basics of landscape photography. Let’s turn your photography dreams into stunning realities!

Step into a world where your camera is no longer a mystery. Learn the dance of the dials, the language of the LCD, and break free from automatic mode. Dive into composition, exposure, and lighting, and apply these skills in real-time.

Your photo expedition essentials: a DSLR camera, a versatile zoom lens (around 18-200 mm), a trusty tripod, and depending on your goals, other equipment like off-camera flash, specific lenses, and remote shutter release. Unsure about your gear? I’m just a message away. Bring your eagerness to learn and a smile!

Dive into a 2-hour photographic exploration, tailored to your preferences. We’ll collaborate to select the ideal setting for your goals. Get ready for diverse shots, answers galore, and a newfound confidence in your photography skills!

As an award-winning photographer with gallery exhibits and endorsements from esteemed organizations, I bring a wealth of experience. I’ve been a speaker at the prestigious international exhibition of photography at the San Diego County Fair and am a cofounder of an engaging photographic learning community. Our sessions? Fun, stress-free, and full of learning!

2 hour introductory, personalized, one-on-one workshop – $199

Subsequent sessions for either photography or post-processing/editing (Adobe Lightroom required), just $99/hour

Are you ready to take better photos?

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