Frequently Asked Questions

Because we care about the welfare of animals and support organizations whose beliefs we share, our time, talent and efforts at these exciting events is often donated or provided with a modest stipend. These intense competitions are action-packed with dozens of dogs participating in dozens of heats. As a result, there are thousands of images over a series of several hours. Those images are then retouched before being published. We hope you see the care and attention we put into these images, and the true joy we feel during the event itself.  In general, you’ll find that paper prints start around $35, social media sized digital images are around $31 and wall art starts around $105. As the travel distance and our volunteer efforts vary per event, our pricing reflects those variances.

You can pre-book me before an event to be sure I capture amazing photos of your dog. I offer collections that include photos, on-site mini sessions, wall art, digital art creations, credit toward a private session, priority processing and personal galleries. Keep an eye out for an email, social media post or message on my website to sign up in advance.

These events are action-packed, and in order to capture all of the excitement, likely thousands of photos have been taken.  It takes several full days of editing time because we hand edit and optimize each image.  If you signed up in advance for photos, you may refer to the sign-up form for your expected turnaround times. If your collection included priority speed processing, rest assured that we’re working diligently on your photos first.  We’re as anxious to reveal the final selections  as you are to see them. The vibrant images will be worth the wait!

Prints and fine art are components of our offering that are equally as important as the photography services we provide at your events.

Each image we capture goes through an end to end creative design workflow. A good part of that includes hand editing each image, ensuring proper color and exposure, as well as other adjustments. Depending on the image, this part of the process alone could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Our final edits incorporate the style, appearance, and quality we feel best represents our design process and brand. The digital file becomes the blueprint from which the final products, such as gallery wrap canvas and metal wall art, can be created. For these reasons, we do not offer high resolution digital files. We’ve partnered with and are color calibrated with the industry’s most trusted and revered print labs so that the final products showcase the thought and effort that went into creating the image, and so that they will be treasured heirloom art pieces to last a lifetime. The finished prints, canvas and metal art pieces are integral to any photography business and brand, and are part and parcel with our services.

We do offer low-resolution, watermarked versions of the images for use on personal social media or your personal computer.

Every photographer works differently. We all have different ways of doing business, with different services, products and client experiences. We also have different skills and expertise. Some photographers shoot as a hobby or to make money on the side. For these reasons, we do not do price matching. Charmaine Gray Photography is a business run as an LLC. While you may not have the same experience with every photographer, we do think you’ll find our art to be cherished and worthwhile investments for your family. Our pricing is competitive and our focus is on providing a premium experience with quality photography that you and your family will treasure for years.

Photos on our Facebook and Instagram may be shared directly from those pages. All others uses, such as for commercial publication, require a release. We would be happy to discuss commercial use licensing options with you. For more information about licensing, please click here.  Or, send us an email with your request.

With experience as the official photographer for all Southern California Dog Surfing Competitions, we work as a volunteer, or with a modest stipend. With the intense amount of time it takes to prepare and cover these events, we work many hours at our own expense. We do this because we care about issues such as rescuing or providing health services to animals, educating the public, and enhancing the bond with our furry family members. Also, we love seeing the excitement on the surfur’s faces as they rush out into the water, with their amazing moves on the board, and getting to know each of their unique personalities. After the long, strenuous days of shooting the events, we spend many more hours carefully processing hundreds upon hundreds of images, each by hand.

We hope you enjoy the photographs we’ve captured of your amazing dogs in action, and you feel the love we’ve put into them. It’s such a pleasure to document these priceless moments for you, and for the great organizations who serve our community. For these events that mean a lot to me, we’ve created special discounted collections to give value and quality to the event participants. Please check them out — they’re the best value we have to offer.

We do offer special promotions from time to time. Stay up to date by following me on Facebook.

Yes!  In fact, this is one of our specialty areas. See more info at Animal + Pet Portraiture.